Court Appointed Manager

What's a court appointed manager?

A 'court-appointed manager' is a manager appointed by the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chambers) (formerly known as the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal LVT) under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.

It is preferable to claim the 'right to manage' (RTM) your property rather than requesting the court to appoint a manager for you because:

  1. with RTM you do not need to prove that your current landlord is at fault
  2. there is no burden on RTM to compile evidence
  3. proceedings are generally quicker and less costly

However, you may need a court-appointed manager because:

  • you cannot get the required support to claim your right to manage (at least 50%)
  • the freeholder is obstructive and owns flats making your claim to RTM difficult

What evidence is required?

To get a court-appointed manager you'll need evidence. In previous cases we have addressed issues such as:
  • Breach of the 'keep carpeted clause' in the lease
  • Breach of lease - non-compliance with statute/bye-laws specifically building regulations
  • Breach of statute - failure to produce accounts, there being more than 4 dwellings in the block

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